Amber Lynn Seeking Redemption at the Beach

Article By: Brad Newman

Amber is an eighteen year old, second generation racer from Walkertown, North Carolina. Her father Ron, competed in the ARCA Series in the early 1990’s and has passed on his tradition to his youngest, Amber. She has raced up and down the East-Coast and competed everywhere she’s been, in pretty much everything she’s sat in. From go-karts to asphalt Late Model Stocks there’s only been one place that she felt like she’s left something on the table at, and that is Myrtle Beach speedway.

The 2017 season has almost come to a close for Amber and her team with the exception of the November SELLM Myrtle Beach event. This will be her third attempt at running this event. Last year she had a great car for both the Friday and Saturday race (Challenger Friday, Pro on Saturday). Last year she faced obstacle after obstacle in both races. In the Challenger race, she started in the first few rows, and quickly moved up to third in a few laps. She was attempting to pass the second place car when he slid up the track (Amber was running the higher lane) by doing this Amber caught his right rear and sent him around. Neither driver received any damage by Amber was black flagged by the Speedway for “rough driving.” The restart after receiving this penalty she was collected in an incident on the restart which ended her night. The Saturday race didn’t go much better, she was spun out coming off turn two with about ten laps to go ending her night then, as well.

Though Amber has had a wave of bad luck, much out of her control she heads into this weekend’s event with a positive outlook. The team’s goals are to contend for a win in both events, but most importantly getting the finish they deserve after all these years. Through all the adversity she has faced at this facility she still considers it one of her favorite race tracks that she’s ever stepped foot in. Myrtle Beach is a half mile asphalt-ish surface that has been weathered by the ocean air over decades of time, while also being paved with seashells it makes for a very entertaining surface. Amber has somehow found a way to run this race track to where she can save her equipment and tires while still making passes and gaining ground on competitors.

She is coming off an extremely successful 2017 rookie campaign at Bowman Gray Stadium where she collected three wins, rookie of the year, hard charger, and overall rookie of the year for the Stadium. She also collected multiple top five’s and a win at Caraway in their Charger division. Amber will once again be racing in the Challenger and Pro events at Myrtle this year, Challenger Friday and Pro are Saturday. This will also be the last asphalt event she runs this year before her and the team gear up for a 2018 campaign at Bowman Gray.

Keep an eye out for her black AND white car(s) this weekend at Myrtle Beach Speedway for the Myrtle Beach 250.

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