Wilson eyeing first win of 2017 at “The County”


Dylon Wilson is one driver who knows his way around Wake County Speedway, also known as “America’s Favorite Bullring” and has shown speed all season but still without a win in 2017. Wilson won the Metal Depot 100 “Big Money” Late Model race back in 2014 where he had to out run current points leader Clay Jones along with Bradley McCaskill and Randy Renfrow. So far this season, Wilson has recorded top 5 finishes in every event with two of those being runner-ups. He currently sits 3rd place in the standings behind Alex Fleming (2nd) and Clay Jones (1st).

“We’ve not had a chance to run much the last couple of years, honestly I’ve only been running late models/limiteds since 2013, and have only ran 2 full seasons since then, we won 3 times in 2014 including the 100 lapped at Wake County, (which is when I fell in love with the track).”

Since 2014 Wilson has only competed in about 12 race due to starting his new business (One Designs Wraps) along with building a house.

“Now that we’ve finally got our stuff back together we decided to avoid spending thousands of dollars on tires and testing every week at other tracks and come to wake County and buy just 2 tires and have a blast on a .25 mile bull ring. So with that being said, I feel like we’ve started off solid, we tried to come in with no expectations but with a worst finish of 4th through 5 races our expectations has went up dramatically. We are getting better every week, from practice to qualifying to the race we find a extra tenth it seems about every week, so this is the most confidence I’ve had in our program in a while.”

Wilson also talked about the racing this year and how the 1/4 mile bullring always produces non-stop action.

“The racing this year is great. On paper you might think it doesn’t seem great, averaging like 10 cars and Clay Jones has won all but one. What you don’t see on paper is how many passes is made, and the quality of racing, as a race fan I’ll take racing with guys like Clay Jones, Alex Fleming, and Cory Walker even if there is a total of 10 cars every week over a field of 18 somewhere else where there is only 2 cars with a legit chance to win. It just seems at wake, every week there is AT LEAST 5 cars that can win, so if you win there you are getting it done, especially with only 60 laps to do it.”
Late Models will be back in Action this Friday June 20th in the Kids Ride Along Night which will also feature racing from all of the regular divisions at WCS.
For more info about this weekend’s event visit: http://www.wcspeedway.com

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