FCS to close after issues with Property Owner

Franklin County Speedway posted on Facebook the following statement:

​”I’m not sure how to start this out or how to even begin to explain how disappointed we are to announce this but at this time all races at Franklin County Speedway have been canceled for the rest of the season. 

Unfortunately the one thing we all knew was possible to kill things off happened. Whitey Taylor has stepped in to make sure we don’t continue as in his words “he wasn’t making enough money and we were making too much” even though we have lived up to every obligation we had with him. We first encountered an issue the Thursday after the Night of Destruction event after having one of the largest crowds in the tracks last three decades. Apparently according to family members of Taylor this was enough to make him angry and demand that we not run anymore races there. 

We worked last week to settle the issue and thought things could continue on as planned. Unfortunately Taylor had other plans. As we received a message from one of the race car owners that he heard Taylor was taking over. After our previous issues were resolved we wanted to make sure everything was good to go and texted him as such. He said we “could work for him” and he was going to “make a million dollars just like he did in 1986″. 

Legal recourse wouldn’t be worth the time and effort as our contract expires in November anyways. With that said we are disappointed for all the fans, racers and staff. We would love to continue on with you but it’s just not feasible at this time. 

I’m not going to cry foul. At the end of the day when you play with rattlesnakes and you know what they do, then you can’t cry when you get bit. You chalk it up to another lesson learned and hopefully going forward we won’t be so stupid as to play with a rattlesnake known for his venomous bite. 

Myself and my wife Kimberly want to thank everyone who was involved with the track from the day to day chores to the staff on race days to the fans and the racers and pit crew members. We can’t thank you guys enough for everything you’ve done and your support every moment we were there at the track. 

Before closing I do want to address the fact that Mr. Taylor has corresponded with drivers that we up and left and he didn’t even know it. I don’t think we need to explain ourselves but I’m sure the screenshot of the text from him last Thursday when this process began will serve as evidence to who’s telling the truth and who isn’t. Not that you guys don’t know who Mr. Taylor is already.  He will also try to sing you a song about non-payment but you should ask yourself since he said that last time and let us come back if there’s anyway that could be true. 

Correspondence on our part continued with him via phone and then text again. We have nothing to hide and love the race track more than probably anyone else. We hate that you guys are caught in the middle of this and hope that somehow someway Mr. Taylor will see the error in his ways and make this right with us so we can complete the 2017 season. 

We will be making an announcement in the coming days of plans to try and finish the season at an alternate venue for all the racers and fans. This isn’t our first rodeo with having problems with Mr. Taylor and we plan to do everything within our power to live up to what we have promised every racer and fan. 


Langley Austin”

Based on comments from racers and fans, they will be boycotting any future races hosted by Whitley.

2 thoughts on “FCS to close after issues with Property Owner”

  1. Well when he don’t Mr Taylor make more he is snake in grass he won’t make it no one likes his way of running things

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